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Terms and Conditions

All shipments or services from the company relating to online orders, whether by Internet, fax or telephone are subject to the following terms and conditions. Making an order to implies the full acceptance of these terms and conditions. Different or additional arrangements must be formalised in writing and have the express approval of This will also apply for those cases in which it is agreed that henceforth the contract will not be made in writing. This consideration whether past or future does not imply the negation of the existing terms and conditions. Those special commercial conditions requested by the buyer, customer or contractor that differ from the following rules will not be binding for unless they have been accepted in an explicit form. Contracts for shipment and service will not be binding until confirmed by us. We reserve the right to rectify at any time errors of spelling, calculation or of any other type without it implying the inefficacy of the contract. In case of delay on the part of the customer with regard to his commitments and contractual obligations, we will be authorised to suspend fulfilment of contract without the customer being freed of his obligations and even though the customer is also obliged to make good damages caused by the delay. In case of overdue payment on the part of the client we will likewise be entitled to cancel the entire contract and to demand indemnity for damages by way of breach of contract. Indemnity for breach of contract will be set at at least 30% of the total amount of the contract provided that the damages caused are not of large magnitude. Offers will be liable to change up to receipt of our written confirmation. Cancellation of orders, regardless of cause, can be invoiced for the costs accrued from confirmation of order until moment of cancellation.

§1 Prices
All prices in our virtual store are in Euros. The approximate value in other currencies is for guidance only. We reserve the possibility of correcting possible printing errors in the virtual store.

§2 Orders
Order of goods will be made by mailing the order form, after which you will receive a confirmation and invoice in acknowledgement of the order.

§3 Methods of Payment
Payment for goods will be made by money order, bank giro or credit card (Visa o Mastercard/Eurocard), or within Spain by cash on delivery. Other methods of payment will require written agreement. Once the amount has been paid whether by fax or e-mail, and we have received the stamped receipt for the respective money order or bank giro, or we have charged your credit card, we will move to effect the shipment by mail in a neutral envelope with sender´s details also neutral. We will not accept responsibility for delays in delivery solely due to the postal service.

§4 Additional Costs of Orders
The cost of postage and packaging as well as import duty will be charged to the customer. We reserve the right to mail only a part of the goods if the rest is not available, and to change prices without prior warning. The total amount for postage and packaging will be 4 Euros within Europe, 5 Euros outside Europe, and 2 Euros in Spain. In case of returns or unaccepted orders, we will invoice for 10% of the total bill by way of administration costs.

§5 Control of Ownership
Ownership will remain in the domain of the company while orders and services are carried out. Ownership will only be transferred to the buyer when all obligations have been totally fulfilled, including in those cases where the price of shipment of the chosen product has already been paid by the buyer.

§6 Transportation and Guarantee in Case of Fault
Transportation of goods will be at the buyer´s risk. Claims should be make in writing within 7 days of receiving the goods. Goods should be checked immediately on delivery to ensure they fulfil the contractual conditions.

§7 Age Limit
We will not sell goods to persons under 18 years of age.

§8 Effects
If any of the current terms and conditions should become invalid, this will not affect the remaining conditions. The invalid provision will be substituted by one as close as possible in its economic effects.

§9 Place of Business, Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
The place of business for transactions by both parties to the order, and equally the jurisdiction, is where the headquarters of the company are situated and where the duties of the same are undertaken: Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain. Spanish law, in particular mercantile, consumer and user law will be the sole law applicable to all acts and transactions of the company Application of the UN International Trade Agreement is specifically excluded.