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Frequently Asked Questions at

(last Update 30.12.2010)

1. What is is a Spanish mail-order company. is officially registered in Spain as a business. We can provide the business registration, if requested.

1.1 How can I contact

It´s very easy: Send an Email to: .

1.1.1 With the other companies I never get an answer when I send an email or they take a long time to reply. What about

We reply to EVERY email - and Fast, normally within 24 hours. But we do need to have a free weekend sometimes. If you send us an email at the weekend, please have a little patience.

2. How do I pay for my order?

You must always make the payment first. Your products will be sent the day we receive the money. You can pay by bank transfer to our account (We have bank accounts in Spain, Austria and Germany) or you can send cash.

2.1 What is important when I want to pay by credit card?

Sorry, credit card payments are not available at the moment.

2.2 Why can´t I pay COD? I always have a bad feeling when I have to pay in advance.

We do NOT send COD. Because of the clearly visible declared value, CODs are more likely to be inspected by customs authorities.

2.3 I would like to pick up my order personally!

Certainly. If you come to southern Spain, call us or send us an email and we can arrange everything.

3. What happens if my favourite variety is not available at the moment?

Unfortunately that might happen in exceptional cases. As we are always honest to our customers we´ll inform you before sending the invoice and before you make the payment. You can decide if you would rather wait a few days or choose an alternative. Unlike other companies we will never let you wait for ages because some products are sold out.

4. How are the products shipped to me?

All orders will be delivered well padded in an absolutely normal and neutral envelope (The type that you can buy in any stationery shop). Details of sender are neutral and do not give any information about the content. All you see on the envelope is the address, a neutral sender and stamps, nothing else. No pictures, no hemp leafs, no advertising!

4.1 How does actually send the prosucts?

All orders will be sent by regular mail because this is the most unsuspicous way. If requested we will ship at no extra cost by registered mail. If you wish to receive your products through a private courrier service (e.g. UPS, DHL, Federal Express) please contact us by email at

4.2 How long does it take until I receive my order?

We ship your order the day that we receive payment. Within Europe a letter takes between 2 - 5 working days and outside Europe usually between 5 - 10 days. But this all depends on the postal service in your country. Once the letter is in the mail we have absolutely no influence.

4.3 How will I know if my order has already been shipped?

The day we send out your order you will receive confirmation by email.

5. What happens with my data? NEVER gives data to others. Neither will your data be saved for advertising purposes. Your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality and we do NOT keep records. After delivering your order all records will be destroyed!

8. I still have some questions!

No problem. Please send an email to: